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Contract Maintenance & Repair Service

We provide for that complete peace of mind a full contracted service of maintenance and repair of our supplied hardware and software. It is important to realise that even the best IT Hardware can occasionally fail, and to have the reassurance of a qualified engineer available to repair as earliest possible time is vital for the running of your business.

Also certain office equipment require regular maintenance to ensure effective quality output. Our maintenance contracts are an economic method of achieving god quality up time.

Repair Service

We provide fully trained engineers who can respond quickly and effectively to resolve your broken computer, printer etc. If contracted, then we will respond within hours of your request, diagnose the problem fix on site or obtain replacement parts from our extensive stocks or suppliers. Our objective is to ensure that your business is fully operational as soon as possible.

Maintenance Contracts

We provide on all our supplied hardware and software the opportunity to have it maintained by our fully qualified engineers. Certain office equipment like "Photocopiers" require regular maintenance to ensure continued quality output. So talk to us about our cost effective maintenance contracts.

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