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Above is a typical network setup, below is a brief explanation of the elements, which our fully qualified engineers will discuss with you to ensure that you get the best cost effective solution for you business:


These hardware/software boxes provide two main functions:

  1. Link to the internet , this can include the necessary firewall's to prevent unauthorized access to your Local Area Network (LAN)
  2. Link to the hardware in your LAN ( Laptops; Desktops; Printers)


This can be a dedicated PC operating with Server Software (e.g. Microsoft Windows Server 2003) the purpose of the server can be the following depending upon your business requirements:

  1. Provide the central shared filing system for your business.
  2. Provide single point of access to Internet.
  3. Provide mechanism for off-site access to company data through secure routines.
  4. In small office environments the ROUTER can perform some of these functions.

Wired and Wireless LAN's

PC's; Printers and Laptops can be connected in the LAN by ethernet cabling.this cabling can be supplied and installed by Kayzones Investment Ltd. Alternatively depending upon distances and layout wireless routers can be provided, that allows desktops, laptops etc. to connect to the LAN wirelessly.

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